Astir IT Case Study

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Client had the need for a new EDI system that was compatible with newly installed Windows based ERP software. The current system was plagued with un-processed orders, causing inordinate amounts of time and resources to be poured into a process that should be automated. A full evaluation of the current system was needed, and it was determined that a new system was to be implemented and maintained.

The Problem:
Several points of incompatibility arose from software upgrades, causing system wide errors and unprocessed orders. A new EDI system was required that would encompass purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, text documents, credit memo’s and charge back transactions.

The Solution:
Highly skilled Astir professionals worked closely with the client to determine the exact problems with the current system and to recommend the steps and implementations required to improve productivity. Astir successfully implemented a new EDI system with zero downtime for the client.
Client Benefits:
The new system eliminated the problems faced by the old system and was completely compatible with the 3rd party upgrades previously installed. Through a rigorous planning stage and strict step by step implementation, the new system was integrated with zero down time faced by the client.
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