Astir IT Case Study

Data Management

This client required a new data management system that would provide cleaner and more consistent customer data. Their current system was fragmented, slowing down information sharing between departments, and resulting in high percentages of data redundancies. A new system was implemented by Astir, designed to clean the current database, institute new input standards, increase information sharing, and ultimately improve the sales funnel. The new system was successful in providing clean, reliable data in a timely manner to the sales team, improving sales lead conversion timeframes.

The Problem:
The current system in place for the client was a compilation of different data repositories with different procedural standards. The influx of inconsistent data into a non-unified data management system caused a severe percentage of redundancies. The lack of clean data hampered the sales and marketing organizations’ abilities to convert sales, track campaigns, and view the status of their customer database. In addition, buy-in for new data management systems were very low across the organization, adding another hurdle to implementing a new, consolidated data system.

The Solution:
Astir implemented a multi-phased approach that included a “closed loop” reporting environment. This allowed for a unified data management system where data can be cleaned regularly and redundancies to be avoided. With the addition of analytical tools, the client was now able to both share information more efficiently, and monitor and track that information more closely. The demonstrated ease of use resulted in a high buy-in from across the organization.
Client Benefits:
The key aspect of this new system was timely access to clean data. In order for this client to reach their goals, they needed to see accurate data quickly, and be able to run the appropriate queries to monitor progress. With a unified data management system, different departments were able to quickly share accurate information, improving the time spent in the sales funnel. This was the perfect tool in allowing a clients’ marketing and analytics organizations to push sales leads into the hands of their sales staff.
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