Astir IT Case Study

Data Migration

Due to a recent acquisition, this client had an influx of extremely sensitive, new customer information. In order to successfully integrate this data into their current databases, the data needed to be cleaned and validated with little to no impact on the customer.

The Problem:
Due to the sensitive nature of the data being housed, as well as the importance of the services being rendered, the data migration needed to be smooth, with no service interruptions to the customer. One of the major concerns for this data migration was the security of the information as well as the need for zero redundancies.

The Solution:
Astir worked closely with the client to standardize all procedures associated with customer data to ensure the security, cleanliness, and integrity of the database. With standard operating procedures, workflows, processes and documentation, full migration was smooth. Astir implemented new housing systems that enabled the client to continue operating with these new procedures and maintain a clean, efficient system. Because of the standardized procedures and workflows, the entire data migration was smooth and resulted in no customer impact.
Client Benefits:
Astir worked closely with the client in standardizing all procedures associated with this sensitive customer data. Standardizing these procedures worked to ensure the security, cleanliness and integrity of the data for when it was folded into the existing databases. Establishing the proper steps, workflows and documentation with the client resulted in a very smooth migration with no impact to the organization or customers. In addition, the standardizations implemented in this service became an ongoing standard, ensuring future migrations would operate as smooth.
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