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Astir IT Solutions, Inc. Technology Partner of the Prescription Notification Group Announces the Launch of Take Meds Now™ - an Automated Prescription Medication Alert and Tracking System.

06/06/2017 – South Plainfield, NJ – Astir IT Solutions, Inc. (, technology partner for the Prescription Notification Group, is proud to announce the launch of Take Meds Now, a unique and powerful prescription medication alert and patient adherence measurement application.

Take Meds Now, a product of the Prescription Notification Group, was built in partnership with Astir IT Solutions, Inc. “We are very proud to be leading the development and product realization of this new application,” said Bob Markowitz, Executive Vice President of Astir IT, “Take Meds Now has some very unique features that will help people take greater control of their personal health.”

Take Meds Now is the first medication alert system that allows patients to strengthen their support networks by allowing them to link their accounts to both family and friends, as well as their doctors. Users receive detailed prescription medication alerts that include dose information and medication images. As each alert is verified, the Take Meds Now system compiles a comprehensive patient adherence history that can be viewed by the patient, their support network, and their doctors.

Take Meds Now is based on a concept that was the recipient of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine PiNcH Award due to the innovative features and its impact on empowering the patient with a support system not found in any other medication alert system. Anyone interested in signing up for a Take Meds Now subscription can learn more at

“We are very excited to offer this potentially lifesaving service” said the Prescription Notification Group CEO James F. Kaus. “Improper usage of prescription medications sends over 600,000 people to the ER and costs over 125,000 lives each year. It is our hope that Take Meds Now can stop these injuries and deaths.”

This is the first healthcare application that offers physicians a quantifiable way to measure patient adherence to prescription medications. Take Meds Now is built using a proprietary closed-loop system that allows doctors to view, measure, and analyze patient adherence data. This unique feature is the first available tool that can help physicians understand why patients fail to properly take their prescription medications, and potentially improve patient adherence.

About Astir IT Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Astir IT Solutions, Inc. ( provides clients with award winning IT consulting, outsourcing, and application development services. Our products and solutions are designed to solve complex business problems, increase operational efficiency, and enable clients to leverage technology for great business gains. With each passing year, Astir grew exponentially, and today is a multinational corporation with over 350 employees servicing clients across the U.S. Astir IT Solutions, Inc. is a member of the Astir Family of Companies, including Astir IT, Astir Services, Astir Technologies and Astir Analytics, providing comprehensive solutions for software development, IT consulting, reporting / analytics, project management and product development.

About Take Meds Now

Take Meds Now ( is a unique and powerful solution to this crisis for both patients and healthcare professionals. The features included in our system have been optimized through numerous trials, allowing us to offer you the most robust medication notification system available on the market. Patients who use Take Meds Now gain more control over their personal health. We provide patients with detailed medication notifications designed to eliminate the potential for missed or incorrectly taken doses.

Prescription Notification Group

The Prescription Notification Group has a simple focus: leverage advanced technology and industry expertise to help mitigate the various issues plaguing the healthcare industry. Ultimately, it is our goal to provide products and services that target the major crises faced by patients and their families, physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, pharmacies, senior centers, and caregivers. We are comprised of innovators across a number of different industries: including Telecommunications, Digital Media Services, Medical Records Management, Technology, and Internal medicine. It is the unique combination of our experience, expertise, and passion that has fueled the creation of our flagship product, Take Meds Now. Take Meds Now is designed to combat one of the biggest public health crises faced within the U.S: improper usage of prescription medications. and the Take Meds Now Logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of the Prescription Notification Group in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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