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It is important for your business to find new customers. It is equally as important to grow business with your existing customers. Therefore, it is critical that you can fully understand your customers’ needs, identify their gaps, and successfully match them with your products and services.

The Astir Performance Benchmark Survey (PBS) is a custom designed tool that enables sales and marketing organizations to gain a 360 degree view of their customers. The PBS employs a robust data collection tool that provides you with an in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs, so you can clearly identify the gaps they face. This tool is capable of collecting trended data, so you can measure your customers’ performance over time, and truly understand their business.

The PBS also integrates your unique business rules, resulting in an auto-generated set of recommendations documents. Based upon the products and services you provide in conjunction with the data collected by the front end of the PBS, a custom “sales roadmap” will match your services and products directly to the gaps as identified. This is a powerful tool for companies as it places an auto-generated sales roadmap directly into the hands of the sales staff for immediate follow-up.

Benefits of using the PBS:
  • Online survey collection and analysis
  • Flexible reporting
  • Auto-generated customer recommendation document
  • Sales leads generated based upon customer responses
  • Positions client as a strategic partner with their customers
  • Bridges gap between marketing and sales
  • Creates client understanding of current and future needs
  • Accurate measure for share of wallet
  • Delivers qualified sales leads with a product/solution roadmap

Below find screens displaying some of the Performance Benchmark Survey's functionality:

Client Management Survey Management Summary View Analysis
Yearly Trending Monthly Trending Detailed Statistical Analysis

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