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Benefits Management Application

Any company who has current full-time W2 employees must have a secure methodology to manage the benefits and insurance coverage they offer. This is a universal Human Resources requirement, regardless of industry, which is both ongoing and critical for regulatory compliance. As a company expands, adding more and more full-time employees to its base, the benefits management and administration function becomes more and more difficult. This is especially problematic if the company has any employees who work remotely, or at client locations without the need to visit company headquarters/locations.

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has developed the Benefits Management Application (BMA) in order to help HR departments take greater control over their benefits management process. The BMA has a diverse set of comprehensive features that allow HR departments to launch an open enrollment, capture employee benefits selections, and translate them into the enrollment forms required by insurance carriers. This automates the benefits enrollment process, alleviating the stresses placed on HR personnel, freeing them up for their normal daily tasks. The BMA can capture and process benefits data across:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplementary Insurance

The Benefits Management Application also provides a secure, reliable methodology for HR departments to quantify, measure, and manage benefits across all employees outside of an open enrollment period. Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has designed the BMA to be an end to end benefits management tool that gives HR departments full control over their benefits management processes. The BMA is fully customizable, so HR departments can add or modify features and functions from the pre-packaged application to fully suit their individual needs.

Below find screens displaying some of the Campaign Central’s functionality:

Employee View of Benefits Selections Run Detailed Reports Capture Employee Benefits Selections
Customize Your Benefits Offerings Create Benefits Documentation

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