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Every company has the need to gather, store and analyze data. And this data can take many different forms including information on customers, a market, competition, marketing campaigns, sales revenue, etc. This abundance of available, and often critical, information can be very overwhelming. It is becoming more and more essential to seek 3rd party applications and services that help collect, process, mine, and analyze this data.

Astir IT offers Business Intelligence (BI) services that cover a wide array of data related issues. Our comprehensive services include every step of the process, from data collection through data analysis and interpretation. Astir IT can help you understand what data you need to collect, help you gather it, organize it for you, perform the correct analysis, and interpret that analysis. The whole data collection and analysis lifecycle can be made simple with a relationship between your business and Astir IT.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Services Include:
  • Database Creation
  • Database Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Information Management
  • And much more

Astir Analytics has the perfect solutions for those customers who need to go that extra mile. Astir Analytics is a business and marketing analytics firm that can help you tackle your biggest projects. Astir Analytics specializes in both the technological and analytical side of your marketing and sales organizations, helping them understand their needs, building customized solutions, and performing the proper analysis to help them succeed. Any part of a project, from the initial planning phases straight through to the realization of increased sales, Astir Analytics gives you the proper access to information, most in depth insight into the landscape, and provides the solid results your organization desperately needs.

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