Use Cases --- Data Analysis and Reporting

*Overview- This client required a more efficient data analysis and reporting system in order to improve decision making.

*The Problem- Due to a fragmented data repository, a holistic view of present data was unattainable. In order to run accurate data analysis, this client required a professional who could build and maintain a set of operational dashboards.

*The Solution- An Astir professional was placed with this client, and was charged with creating dashboards across several different departments for increased reporting and visibility. Each of these dashboards required different data sources to be combined and cleaned, ensuring the proper data would be analyzed by the proper dashboard. These dashboards included:

-Human Resources Analytics: identifying headcount trends, attrition rates, employee demographics, etc in order to provide insight into trends concerning hiring, terminations, and retention.

-Finance Analytics: Advanced analytics in the area of bookings-to-revenue lifecycle; giving the client an accurate representation of the ordering process, backlogs, reserves, and billings in order to make inferences and trending projections for upcoming quarters.

-Invoice Analytics: Invoicing specific analytics designed to flush out information throughout the invoicing lifecycle; such as policy violations, expenditures, supplier lists, etc.

-Forecasting: Inference based analytics measuring planning, financial forecasting, expense data, cost center levels, account expenses, etc.

*Client Benefits- The series of dashboards created and maintained by our Astir professional allow for the client to get an accurate, real time view of their organization. With clean, reliable data being funneled into these dashboards, accurate queries can be generated quickly and easily, leading to quicker, more informed business decisions.

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