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In order for a marketing department to justify their existence and demonstrate their organizational worth, they need to fully understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. In order to gain this understanding, they need a tool that can compile all available marketing data, from both online and offline marketing campaigns, so it can be cleansed, analyzed, and measured in a wide variety of ways.

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has developed Campaign Central, a marketing analytics tool that provides marketing departments with a 360 degree view of their marketing campaigns. Data is from various online and offline marketing campaigns is fed into Campaign Central, which cleans and prepares the data for analysis. Campaign Central can also perform various automated and manual analyses of the available data using client defined parameters and business rules.

Campaign Central provides businesses with the ability to justify their marketing dollars. This groundbreaking marketing tool enables marketing departments to truly measure the effectiveness and influence of their campaigns… from email campaigns to postcards, or even pamphlets to trade shows. Campaign Central can not only measure individual campaigns, but can trend them over time and stack them up against one another. Therefore, marketing departments have an in-depth understanding of what is working, and how resources need to be focused for continued success.

Campaign Central is a custom designed tool that will integrate all of your unique business rules. As a custom application, you can define the types and sources of data to be fed into the system; as well as define the types and frequencies of the analysis performed. Astir will work closely with you to help understand your exact needs, and custom tailor Campaign Central so it matches your marketing needs perfectly.

Below find screens displaying some of the Campaign Central’s functionality:

Application Dashboard Campaign Management Account Management
Extensive Reporting Module Pre-Defined Summary Level Reporting Annotated Custom Reporting

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