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In today’s world, a company website is often the first “touch point” for existing and potential clients. This has resulted in company website design and functionality becoming as critical as the content. Therefore, there is an increased need for companies to utilize 3rd party designers to create what is essentially the face of their company.

One of the specializations of the Astir IT outsourcing services is website design. We have a wide range of services available to design, implement, and manage your web site. We provide clients with high quality web design while maintaining a cost-effective pricing structure. Our extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients has taught us to provide designs that promote simplicity and functionality with a sharp, modern look.

Our Web Design Services Include:
  • High-impact web site design and layout
  • Online Catalog Layout
  • Custom Order Form Production
  • Mobile Compatibility Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Java Scripting
  • HTML
  • Database connectivity
  • FLASH animation
  • Secure e-commerce business solutions
  • FTP file service
  • Dedicated of shared hosting

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