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Businesses need the proper tools in order to grow. As technology becomes a bigger and bigger aspect of our businesses, those tools now include web applications, cloud based applications, and even mobile applications. Without the right tools at your disposal, it becomes harder and harder to stay in touch with the various components of your business… and it becomes impossible to grow.

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. can custom design the tools you need to expand your business. We have worked closely with clients in understanding their needs, and have developed a host of powerful products that help them increase productivity and improve efficiency. We have developed web based applications, cloud based tools, mobile applications, and more.

Astir custom designs our products for each customer, integrating their unique business rules. This ensures that every customer receives a product that perfectly fits into their organization, complements their existing tool sets, and operates according to their unique processes. Our products enable customers to increase their operational efficiency, improve communication, measure productivity, and grow their business.

Astir also works closely with customers in order to integrate these custom designed products into their organizations. After designing and custom building a product, we help train workforces, migrate data, and ensure a smooth transition.

Examples of some of our Products include:
  • Campaign Central
  • HubEntry
  • Performance Benchmarking Survey
  • Track Astir

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