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Astir IT Partner Program

Astir IT has a wide network of clients who make use of the variety of solutions we provide. This has resulted in a high volume of client requirements; especially in the areas of IT consulting, staffing, and outsourcing. Although Astir currently works with a number of trusted IT vendors in order to satisfy the high volume of requirements, we are always looking for new and exciting partnerships.

In order to expand our list of trusted vendor partners, Astir IT has developed a Partner Program. This program enables IT staffing companies to submit candidates to a select number of Astir client requirements. We would love to work with your organization, and encourage you to submit your company using the link below. Membership into the Astir IT Partner Program is free of charge; and is based on certain criteria. This criteria includes, but is not limited to, company size, reputation, and industry presence.

Click HERE to be considered for the Partner Program.

There are some very straight forward benefits to becoming an Astir IT partner. Once you are in the program, a master services agreement will be put in place. From there, your company will be added to our contact listing where you will receive regular updates on our open requirements. Additionally, you will be provided with login credentials to our Partner Portal, where you can manually check for requirements. With a master services agreement in place with Astir, you can submit your candidates to any of the open requirements provided.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a trusted vendor and work with an industry leader.

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